Rock Solid Foundations

Foundations is a Christian Growth course that looks into the foundational truths of the Christian faith in a systematic way.

We start where it all began in Genesis, we look at remarkable Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled in surprising detail, we study the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus along with other subjects such as repentance, faith, baptism in water and baptism in the Holy Spirit. And we see how these things apply powerfully to our lives today.

This course is aimed at new Christians and those who have been saved for some time but never really studied the basics of their faith. This course is also excellent for people who would not describe themselves as believers but want to investigate the claims of Christianity.

Many people report that their time in Rock Solid Foundations is literally life changing.

Our next Foundations course commences with an information session, and is followed by each Wednesday evening for 10 weeks. The course also includes the powerful 'Encounter Saturday'.

Registration forms are available on Sundays from the connect desk in the foyer.
In 2017 we have two rounds for Foundations starting in March and August.



“We would describe it as life-changing. Without Foundations we wouldn’t be in the amazing place we are today”

“If you want to be challenged, changed and encouraged to become a better disciple of Jesus, sign up for Rock Solid Foundations... It has been the best year of my life”

“I am only 14 years old and Foundations is so amazing I wouldn’t swap the time I was there for anything. I would recommend it to anyone... You won't 'get it' until you've done it. I did it and I 'got it', so do it and you'll get it!”

“There’s a real bond that is built between the people on the course - it's very unique”

Rock Solid Foundations

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